The first biography

In 2017, the History Press published An Artist’s War. The art and letters of Morris & Alice Meredith Williams. Based on the sketchbooks Morris kept during three years on the western front and his letters to Alice, it tells the story of two artists separated by war. Readers (and audiences at talks) began to ask to know more about Alice. Undaunted Spirit. The art and craft of Gertrude Alice Meredith Williams – the first biography of this extraordinary artist – is the response.

The book’s title is borrowed from the words of a friend, Henry Pyatt, who wrote after her death: “Small of stature and delicate in appearance, with visionary eyes, she acquired amid the rigours of her student life a power of endurance which supported her in the heaviest work, and no obstacles deterred her undaunted spirit from carrying out an idea.”

290 illustrations, 120 pieces of her work, 160 pages

“This is an exemplary artist’s biography: the text, accompanied by superb design and illustrations, is in every way a delight to read.”
Peter Cormack, The Journal of Stained Glass, Vol XLII, 2018

“This book, which contains a plethora of exquisitely reproduced archival material, interspersed with the whimsical illustrations by Scottish/Chinese artist Rae-Yen Song, would be a welcome addition to anyone’s bookshelf. It engages with many topics – design, personal recollections, the impact of war on production – and rightfully celebrates this immensely talented artist.” Karen Mailley-Watt, Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History, Volume 24 (2019-20)